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Customer Reviews: Aqua Massage

"After a bout with shingles, this really helped with the pain" C.N.

"I have a lot of back pain, this massage gets me through the week" A.B.

"Absolutely amazing, not what I expected. So glad I tried it!" P.M.

"Great full body massage. People really have to try this. I loved it!" J.S.

"Heavenly, 15 minutes and I felt so relaxed." S.D.

The Aqua massage in Worcester is the latest in massage therapy. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage like no other. The Aqua Massage uses 36 powerful jets to pulsate warm water from your toes to the back of your neck and back again all while staying completely clothed and completely dry. After only 10-15 minutes you'll feel totally renewed and refreshed.

Your body will thank you.

cryotherapy in massachusetts cryotherapy in worcester

cryotherapy in massachusetts cryotherapy in worcester